Saturday, March 24, 2012


Woah, just finished AM. It was a rough journey but my animation skills have certainly improved greatly. May not be top notch just yet, but the only direction to move is forward. I have retouches I want to make to some prior shots before I upload to vimeo, but it should be up within a week. Next phase: applying to places.

Also, woah!!!! Glen Keane left Disney?!?! It's sad news, but also exciting!!!! I dunno, I've heard several responses to the departure as devastating. As if there's only one terrible outcome that can befall such circumstance. No! Come on people, be optimistic! I can't wait to see how the change will effect both Disney's and his own future projects. Such possibilities!!!!!!

Anywho, figured I can't post without a drawing so I finally attempted copying Freddy's weird merle. He's all angry because we didn't go for a walk yet. I dunno, the face & paws, meh. I really liked how the shoulders turned out :P Oh, and figured I'd include a pic of the loveable mutt(from 4 years ago). Now, back to workin on the reel!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chades Challenge LXVIII: Renewed Frogs

Blimey! Uhhh, so for this one, drew from 2 direct inspirations. Any guesses? :D

I was having trouble thinking of an idea at first. For some reason renewed frogs didn't = zombies in my brain. However, once I saw Froggenstein, The Hopping Dead just clicked. I traced the title from a cover I grabbed on the "Hopp" is nowhere near on par with the rest(althoug....if I stood up those two Ps....maybe). Oooh, and since I'm still struggling with faces I ended up throwing in the Swedish Chef :p it made sense at the time. He hung out with Kermit so......zombie frogs, yeah!  Also, yeesh I stretched that torso!!!....or did I make space for the puppeteer? ahhhhhh :D........... I didn't :(