Monday, May 13, 2013

Back again!.....AGAIN!!!!!

Man, what a crazy year. So to sum up, I think it went dog surgery, various electronics breaking, big things falling off car, AM animals and creatures (amazing!), interview for rigging job, dilapidating sickness, snow dog sculpture, daily sketches/art lesson, snow bear sculpture, Pixar animation job interview!!, mom breaks her arm exactly 3 hours later, helping out with that for a month, pixar rejection email, various guest lecturers and comedians betwixt much of those.

The Pixar interview was easily the highlight. A couple of friends who also got in said it felt more like a meet and greet than an actual interview. It did seem that way a bit, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I definitely overstayed my welcome, hanging out with some friends before their interviews :P I was just too excited. During the interview I asked what I could do to improve my reel and paraphrasing he said that my physicality has a solid foundation(thank you AM), but I could really work on my acting. I could see what the animator was saying so lately I've just been looking for amazing acting in audio clips. I'm probably being too picky, but just grabbing the first piece of audio that pops up to animate up a new reel in record time seems misdirected. I'm gonna try to find a Hanks clip I like.

Oh, but yes, sketchbloginess. Since I started daily sketches, I'm at 120 pages. However, a lot of them are just trying to copy images from art books or paintings. I've got to say Mucha has probably been my favorite. That being said, not being original interpretations or anything, I wouldn't feel comfortable posting them to the blog. The stuff from TV however, sure why not. First 2 pages from some sitcom.....the rest are Game of Throney. There are some gesture drawing attempts. Not the greatest sketches, but their all steps forward.

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