Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Day After Yesterday

A semi regular schedule of posting?!?! Sure why not. "Shoot the moon!", that's my motto. Especially when playing spades. Nope wait, I'm more a blind nil guy. Probably not when I'm first to bid. 3rd or 4th sure, but a blind nil from 1st? So reckless!!! And fun!!!  Anywho, sketches!!!!

It goes another round of GoT sketches.....not the greatest, but you can tell who they are.....except the 3 who aren't main characters. Oh and the ones on notebook paper are from a cafe. Not quite confident in hitting gesture drawing still so it's mostly people who were hanging out for a minute or two. Only one seemed to catch on I was sketching them.......or creepily staring at them, which isn't exactly mutually exclusive. Maybe next time!!! If I develop a taste for coffee that is!!!

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